02 September 2008

Thank You

a wonderful piece of inspirational art created for me

-this very special letter from a new reader,

Greetings of peace!!!

I was reading "the professional heckler" by Loi when i noticed his post scriptum including your picture...Out of curiosity,i opened and read your blog...I dunno how to say "I'm sorry" for what my fellow filipino have done to you...Nowadays,I observed more bad rather than good in all aspects about Philippine society,most of the time i discriminate my fellow filipinos whenever i meet them overseas,...Moreover,i dunno how to refine the good,the essence,the core,of true filipino values for i can't view them anymore in our contemporary society...I am choosy and sensitive in choosing a friend...I admire you for not covering the (some) good in us(filipinos)...You judge us equally,you mentioned the flaws and the not so good, or shall we say the Jikyll and Hyde?..,

Since you are HIV positive, I would like to make a way for us to become friends, I was a homophobic before,but i realized that human was not composed of one but more species...I was wrong and i regret,...Truly,I am.

Your Brother

-I'm deeply touched.


Dearest Peeps,

I love art. 
So when someone does a piece for me, I'm touched.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
This piece is especially important to me.
Love to it's creator.
For many reasons.
Art is life.
We are all gifts.

So many beautiful blessings today.
My heart is swollen.
I'm so happy.
So strong and powerful in my soul.

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