29 September 2008

Video Blog #10

There may be Catholics who are homophobic, but there are also non-Catholics who are also homophobic, including those who donot even belong to any church or religion. So for me, it means that whatever any church member do or say does not always reflect or represent the belief of the whole church. Why is that? Because there are Catholics who are lukewarm, or self-righteous, who gives their own crooked interpretations of what the church really stands for. I am a Catholic since birth and I was never a homophobic. My one and only brother, whom I loved and adored so much, was born a gay man and died a gay man, and a devout Catholic all his life.

I agree with you in saying that it's up to us (your avid Catholic readers) to continue to support your cause inspite of the attacks you make against our church. But the fact that you have images of our most beloved Mother Mary surrounding you in your room as you have shown in your video, the respect and acknowledgement you show is enough reason for me to continue to be your avid reader. I hope and pray that things will always turn well for you and that you will remain happy and healthy.

Take care,
Your Catholic friend


Comment by Brian on September 30, 2008 1:02 PM

Thank you Catholic friend (s),

Yes you are right. I'm torn between by belief in God because I'm told so often that he does not want me the way I am.
How am I to feel?
I need him too!
But so many people TRY to take him from me because I'm gay.
It's not fair!
No one owns Him.
He belongs to everyone who believes in Him and his message of peace love hope and forgiveness.
I get upset and angry at times because I feel I have to fight for understanding from people who do not know what it feels like to be gay in a world where it is most often considered 'abnormal'.
I am VERY normal and loving and understanding.
I LOVE my Catholic brothers and sisters.
I always will.
And at the end of the day, I always have my Mary's keeping a protective watch over me.
And no one can take them from me.
I pray.
I pray everyday.
I pray for my friends and family.
My good health.
I pray for my precious boyfriend.
I pray for the Philippines and it's good and gracious people.
You see, I love the Philippines.
And it's a Catholic country which I understand.
I'm so happy the country has the Catholic Church.But I have some conflict with it too.
I hurt is all, because my straight Filipino brothers and sisters are going to heaven....
and us gays are going to hell?
So please, do not hate me or despise me because of my emotional opinions about religion.

I am proud to be Baptized.
I'm proud to confirmed.
I'm proud to be a good loving Christian man.
But I'm VERY proud to be gay too.

Oh yes.

I love you for your comment which was both considerate and very mature for me to read.
I need people like you to remind me that it's ok to be emotional and frustrated with things I feel I can do nothing about.

God is good.
God is great.
No question.


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