09 September 2008

Winter Daze Ahead

the warmth of the sun soothes me.

Dear readers,

I stepped into the shower this morning on our first chilly Toronto morning.
I'm starting to realized I have an entire winter of chilly mornings ahead of me.
I'm freaking out. I've only known the tropics for half my life.
And now.... snow.

I'm staring at my small (yet fashiony) pile of winter clothes and I can't believe I'll be wearing them soon. Nothing matches yet as I'm still missing the rest of the 'look' I will try to adopt this winter. I'm a working man now and I should look presentable, clean and fit.
Gloves, hat, scarf, winter coat, winter boots and the rest.

I love the heat.
I hate the cold.
What the heck am I doing here?
I'm thrilled to be here for winter again.
Just thrilled.
Electric blanket, here I come.

I love looking up directly into the rays of the sun.
I don't mind being blinded by the heat.
It's therapeutic.
Like a foot massage or a kiss on the lips.

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