14 September 2008

With Gay Abandon?

Anton always looks so gay.. right? I mean look at the bag!

Millet's list of enemies continues to grow.
Even her courtier of 'closet cases' are keeping their distance.
I can hear some high society dress seams splitting as I type.
The Star paper is a rag and it's starting to feel the pressure.
And not just from me anymore.
Things must change at that paper.
But they never will.
A total load of rubbish.
Everything about it.
I hear that Celine Lopez will start writing her column again.
The Stars imposed exile on her is officially over I'm told.
This should be good.
I can hear her ghost writers scribbling away already.

I know Millet used to be
really good friends with the social climbing couple extraordinaire Ricco and Tina Ocampo, both of whom are ambiguously straight.

And why are all the high society lesbians in Manila so bloody glamorous?
I know being rich helps.
For sure.
I mean Ana A. is gorgeous in a gown and bare feet with out a stitch of makeup.. Tina is like Kathrine Hepburn. A statue of refinement and grace.
And I always wondered about her hunky husband. He's very cute.

It's OK to be gay!!!!!!
Just not on Manila.
But really, it is.

BUT NOW the young and very glamorous Ocampo couple are no longer friends with Millet Mananquil it turns out.
Why and how could this have occurred?

Well, Millet thinks
Ricco and Tina have 'abandoned her' for even higher social circles.

Yes, there is no question. These Ocampo's are on their way up to the summit.
Tina and Ricco Ocampo.
Total mountaineers.
They might already be there.
At the top.

Well, at least we'll finally have a Philippines flag atop Mount Everest.
Along side a rainbow one.

It's crazy!

But that's Manila!
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