14 October 2008

My Evil Eye

my happiness comes from my protection

Dear Readers,

I've received quite few e mails over the months from people asking me what I wear on my wrist.
And today I saw a fellow blogger who's using an evil eye as a protection feature on her great amazing blog. LOVE IT!

When I was living on Boracay, a dear friend from Manila gave me this 'evil eye' bracelet.
It's from India.
The bracelet along with my tattoos provide me with complete protection from evil.
Or so I hope.

Now this person who bestowed upon me, this charming thoughtful gift, is a very special guy who is adored my many people including myself.
He knew what happened to me from day one and provided a solid ear and heart when I needed it most, and still does to this day. Not once did he doubt me. Nor did his friends. They KNOW DJ.
From day one, he's been a brilliant mate and encouraged me to remain in the Philippines, despite what happened to me. I owe him a lot.
And I did stay in the Philippines.
And it was the best decision I ever made.... after a series of preposterously disastrous ones.

I believe in my evil eye bracelet. I believe in many things.
God is just one of them. And that's been a bit shaky lately.

I've NEVER taken it off since my friend tied it to my wrist on that hot Boracay day.
I look at it often and will it to work when people come too close to the danger zone.

Thanks peeps (TEAM BRIAN) for always believing in me from day one.

Thanks to my dear friend for this evil eye protection. I KNOW it's worked for me ever since putting it on.
Getting mega drunk and teary at Martini Bar really helped too!

Because you only have to believe.

So find an evil eye and protect yourself too!

my evil eye bracelet and my brilliant pinoy braids from Boracay
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