17 October 2008


starting young......hahahahaha

Dear Readers,

The comments on my Boracay Dogs posts are heart breaking to read.
I'm so against eating dogs.
The thought of a dog being killed to be eaten still shocks me into a state of numbness.

This picture above is the only funny thing I could find when it comes time to eating mans best friend.

Chickens are not mans best friend peeps, although they are fabulous and fun to raise.
I've raised many chickens and ducks on my farm.
And yes, I've killed them in order to eat them.
I've raised many things for the purpose of eating them.
I do not form close emotional tear jerking bonds with chickens or ducks.
But I do with every dog on earth.
I love every dog.
Even the mangy ones with missing legs and eyes.
The ones with sores and weeping eyes are also beautiful.
The abused and maltreated dogs are beautiful too.
Please do not tolerate the maltreatment of animals.
Dogs deserve our respect, not to be placed upon a plate for our consumption.

ALL dogs go to heaven.
Every single one.
And I can assure you of this one thing readers.

God did NOT put the dog on this earth to be eaten.

Please research this a bit if you really love dogs.
Many missing or stolen dogs are still being eaten in the Philippines.
There is NO excuse for this.
You will see that dogs have never been considered a 'socially acceptable' form of food if you looked into it as I have.

I'm not going to be brutal in this entry, although I could be ravishingly brutal if I wanted to as you know.
When it comes to the protection and care for dogs, I get really very ferocious.
Especially in the face of so much ignorance and continuing tolerance for this heinous activity of eating dogs in the Philippines.

Dogs have always been our most fierce protectors.
Could you use a dog to protect your family, and then eat it?
I have stories like this.

Where's the heart?

Dogs are and have been our hardest workers and aid providers.
Out little beasts of burden.
Their comforting energy and eyes have always been a pool of loveliness for me to gaze into.
Dogs are my preferred company.
Even a complete stranger dog, I'll befriend in seconds.
Dogs ADORE me!
Humans are very easy to figure out.
But you will never fully understand your pooch.

So although chickens can be pets (temporary), they are also delicious marinated and grilled on the BBQ.
Pigs are not mans best friend either. They too, are adorable when they are tiny and discovering their world running around in their yard. But even then, I think about the yummy crispy bacon they will give me soon. hahahaha. Here pig pig. here pig piggy......
Piggies are so yummy to eat. Pork ribs (organic) are incredible as are Australian lamb (Australian lamb only naturally).
I would never eat any other lamb but Australian lamb.
It's the best in the world for sure.
And hamburgers are well like my favorite food (apart from sushi).
I would lose it if I couldn't have a hamburger with fries.

Growing up in Canada, I ate Moose, every type of fresh water fish you could imagine, and we ate oodles of Beavers and Porcupines. Hehehe, kidding, there was no Porcupine.
We had very little money so we grew up thinking that as long as you had a bit of meat on your plate, you are doing OK.
But we would have starved to death before we would eat dog meat.
My family is a dog family.
And there were many nights when we just had noodles too!
I've never had lots of money, but I've always found enough to keep a dog in the lap of luxury!
Ask any of them.
You'll have to bark though.

Dogs... well they are NOT to be eaten under any circumstances.
Even after a plane crash in the Himalayas.
Leave that dog alone!
I'm in a good mood tonight.

I'm sorry readers, but I find eating dogs entirely disgusting.
There is NO reason why anyone would have to eat a dog.

Choose chicken!

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