03 October 2008

This Is What I'm Talking About


I found this on The Professional Heckler Blog... this years Blogger Superstar!!!

I HEART Justine!
And I HEART The Professional Heckler.

If you found a lost phone readers, how far would you go to returning it?
Because we all know that losing our phone is HELL!

I salute Justine Millare to the Maximus Supremus!

null My Lost Cellphone
Around 12:30pm today (Friday), I lost my Smart cellphone. Contacts, photos, music, videos, everything was there. Nope, there was no sleazy videos. (Thank goodness I erased them! *wink*) So I immediately visited a Smart wireless center and asked for a replacement SIM (I had a postpaid line). I then went to a phone store and scouted for a new one. It was getting late so I decided to just return tomorrow. In short, I wasn’t able to buy one. Around 10PM, someone buzzed me in Yahoo Messenger. I thought she’s a follower of my blog so I approved her “Add Request.” And then she started typing a message, “good evening sir, did you happen to lose a phone today?” I was stunned! She found my cellphone in a taxicab! Wow!

So allow me to salute this honest, Political Science major from the University of the Philippines who found my phone: Justine Millare. Nawa’y dumami pa ang mga katulad mo! Mabuhay ka!

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