13 October 2008

Villian of the Year


I'm doing all I can to ensure DJ gets the trophy he truly deserves at the inaugural Supreme Extreme Awards.
I've even whacked up their link so you can vote for all of the categories.
I'm still waiting to hear what Charity is involved with these awards.
I'm almost positive there has to be at least one charity affiliated?
Because we all know that charity and these fun frivolous frolics (awards shows) go hand in hand.

Villian of the Year
has DJ's moniker all over it though.
So please vote and make me the happiest chap....
And please don't question my motives here....hahahaha.
Getting into bed with Tim Yap's Supreme is awkward enough, but I'm willing to do anything to make this happen.
I would love to have a representative there on the night.
An insider if you will.

DJ Montano.... Villian of the Year....vote!
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