29 October 2008

"An Urban Girl's Review of Shambassy"

Photo credits to Margaux Monteiro

A reveller urinating on the dance floor at Embassy... ...........CLASSY!!!!!!

.........How this girl reacted when asked how she found Embassy-

answer: "worth as much as a good piss and a long hard fart"....!!

And this from the owner of Embassy-

TZ: What are members guaranteed?

Tim Yap: Exclusivity, exclusivity, exclusivity, [and] exclusive members events, sans publicity. A lot of our members are CEOs, movie stars and top brasses of big companies and they want privacy [and to be] away from the glare of the public. Premium privileges with only premium drinks are served. The only thing I can say is that when you get there, there is a door that will not open (we have a secret peephole to check and we know ALL members by face and name) unless one is a registered member. "Class A service is consistent to all of Embassy's other establishments", but you are guaranteed no lines, no resistance at the door--if you're a member, that is.

..........OMG, this is so funny.
Tiny Tim Yap........ eating yet more of his words.

HOW many people had PEE-cocaine on their shoes that night?
So funny, but not really.
It's appalling........ What a DUMP!

Lick your shoe bottoms for a nasty surprise.
Nice ass though I must say, for all the world to see.
What was she thinking?
It looks like her boyfriend is watching over her.
What a gentleman.
It's all too gross.

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