31 October 2008


why why why why why why why why why why why why?


I'm embarrassed for the Philippines.
I'm ashamed.
What' the point in trying?
I've worked so hard.
I've tried.
But no one cares.
Homophobia is wrong and hurtful.
Terribly hurtful.
To your fellow Filipino's and Filipina's.
And me for sure.

God created us and YOU have NO RIGHT to discriminate.

.......So I can look up again, and have PRIDE in the Philippines for doing Gods TRUE work on earth.



Hi B


I just want to express and share some incidences around manila party now... since i get here and attending parties mostly last night at Embassy am not saying that its only specifically there but in all of the bars and bars around
Makati! "Discrimination" to gays are very High and i was being accused one in front of the Public... even i was walking on the Runway for Fashion Shows This Philippine Fashion Week...Geez! i can't believe how Filipinos are being too allergic with gays...why they are so angry with Gays... last night was being nominated for a fairy costume when one guy accused me "You're not a Girl" my god! i know am Skinny and that's how a model should be right...just because i have so much bones! others charging me "looks like a Gay!" over the newspapers... you see how this Country was being Educated to stamped Homosexuals... i always support No to Homophobia and i will always be! because there's nothing wrong with it right... we're all humans, you're all part of us as well... and also racism in the Fashion Industry here are also in demand... that's why most of us from the u.s. and brazil particularly are being ousted in some ways that i don't understand, they consider us a bad rivals in the Industry here...Geez! what kind of thinking they have here right... am affected on every ones end because Discrimination and Racism wouldn't help build our nations and Investments in our economy today just because of Wrong Perception of Competition... i hope you can bring back again in your blog about this issues here in the Philippines... Gays and Lesbians here are being down again by these uneducated people... Let us help and Shout it out Brian... Thanks! and I Love Gays! I will Support you all No Matter What and How...

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