06 November 2008

Another Great Team Brian Member

another spectacular Boracay shot from my collection


I came across your blog sometime a half a year ago.
It wasn't hard for me to believe the length the 'Gucci' gang can do harm.
Still, I could not fathom how these people have fallen in the cycle of drugs, and evil.
I spent my childhood until gr 7 in Manila.
But even then, the difference between the poor and rich is so striking that I pretended or acted as if my family was rich.
When the truth is, my family lives within our means.
I feel disgusted when I think of moments when I thought or pretended to be what I'm not. I think that is a social sickness in Manila.
I'm older now and have been living in Canada for some time.
I feel disgusted by DJ and his posse and the fact that they are Filipinos.
I also hate the fact why majority of Filipino movies have that element of poor guy rich girl or vice versa and the fact that money defines who you are.
It pisses me off. It doesn't make any sense, because the truth is much better.
I can't turn a blind eye to parents who worked very hard to give their best to their children.
This GG business is so plastic.
Fuck I hate them.
And I used to like Folded and Hung, now I don't think I'd buy that brand anymore. Fuck.
They ruined it for me.

Anyways, I really want to congratulate you on your new life and best regards from here on.
Thank you.

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