18 November 2008

Bloody Drama Part 2

Subject: Commercial Blood Banks
Message: Hi Brian,

In response to your message at Multiply, the one shown in the show XXX of ABS-CBN was "Mother Seaton Clinical Laboratory" at Sta. Cruz Manila. If you know someone from ABS-CBN maybe you can get more information since I was not able to find that much online.

I found this article mentioning the controversy from www.redcross.org.ph:



The Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) officially clears the name and upholds the activities of Blood Lettings Espoused by Educators with a Difference (BLEED) and Elizabeth Seton School, both headed by Josefina V. Suarez, President, and located at BF Resort Village, Las Pinas City, in relation to its memorandum of agreement in promoting PNRC’s blood donation campaign.

These organizations (BLEED and Elizabeth Seton School) were both mistaken to be associated and connected with or perceived to be one and the same “Mother Seaton Clinical Laboratory”, a commercial blood bank, located at F. Yuseco Street., Sta. Cruz, Manila.

Mother Seaton, which was found to be engaged in unauthorized blood bank operations as featured in ABS-CBN’s Program “XXX” on October 18, 2008 that exposed illegal activities in certain blood banks in Metro Manila, was raided and charged by agents of the National Bureau of Investigation on October 23, 2008 for violating Section 12 of the Republic Act 7719 or the National Blood Services Act of 1994.

“We would like the public to know that BLEED and Elizabeth Seton School have been duly accredited by the PNRC in promoting blood donation campaign in schools. Let it also be known that Mother Seaton, a commercial blood bank, is not in one way or another connected with the PNRC and is not recognized as a partner of the PNRC in its blood services program,” PNRC Secretary General Corazon Alma de Leon said.

De Leon said that the PNRC clears BLEED and Elizabeth Seton School of any unlawful and prohibited practices in its blood donation campaign and the PNRC conveys its full support for both organizations in furtherance of their partnership to save lives of patients in need of blood and blood products.
Dear Jenna,

I'm doing my best to get to the bottom of this 'tainted blood' disaster.
It's both dreadful and very dangerous.
Only the government can fix this.
Top tier apathy I'm afraid.
Eye off the ball for sure.

It's also very scandalous.
But unless it's your sister, or brother, or mom or dad who get the effected blood, people are just unlikely to care.
Apathy is so entrenched.
People are exhausted.
I get it. I really do.
People are just not inclined to care.
Unless it's happening to you, you just don't have time.
Does anyone truly care about the health, well being and welfare of your average Pinoy?
I worry about the poor, NOT the rich.
Tainted blood?
And the Philippines government has known for so long.
It's criminal.
You know, same same same....
Are human lives being traded off for profit..... AGAIN?


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