02 November 2008

Folded and Hung

Fashion Brand Folded and Hung has defied everything that is reasonable and ethical in journalism and has used Philippine Star's EDITOR Tim Yap and fashion COLUMNIST JR Isaac as its models along with more than a 100 top models of the Philippines in front of a crowd of thousands.

Editor and a Columnist?
criminal in most countries.
Cash for comment.
Manila style.

They look minute and repulsive compared to the models and everyone was left flabbergasted and with a big question mark after the show!

Tim Yap thinks he's a model.

He thinks he's attractive.

Yes, he's VERY delusional.
Folded and Hung support him, so lets NOT support Folded and Hung!
I HATE the
T shirt!!!!!
Folded and Hung in agreement with Yap?

Yap is spitting in the faces of the millions (like he always does) who will never shop at Folded and Hung. He has nothing but contempt for his fellow Filipinos.
And this ad (one of many examples) proves it.

Some may never see the inside of a mall.

Tim....... this is just the beginning for you.
I have some surprises coming up.
Good luck mate.
I'm going to tear you down.
I'll never stop until everyone knows the truth about you.
Until your sad sychophantish following wakes up.
Are you serious with your blog mate?

It may take time dear, but I'm determined to make sure everyone knows that you do NOT care about your country or the poor people who live there.
The millions and millions of poor.
And you laugh at them all Tim when you wear these dumb ass Tshirts.
You are a shameful person Tim.
A true embarrassment to the Philippines.
And I'm going to cook you slowly mate!

This was so VERY childish and immature of you reader!
A model?
Is that a Smurf dick?

......But between me and you reader, it's even smaller than that.
Sort of like a mushroom cap.
A tiny little button mushroom cap.
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