15 November 2008

OMG.. Bloody HELL

Hi Brian,

I was alarmed last night when I was watching an expose show on channel 2 about the anomalies regarding commercial blood banks. Apparently, an HIV positive man tipped the expose show on how lenient these blood banks are. This HIV positive man has already given his blood three times to the blood bank. Now, that's very alarming.

Yet, I'm grateful for this man since he was the key to the expose. What makes me mad though is the fact that the Department of Health only did something about it because of the expose. I felt that they did not do their jobs in protecting the people from these commercial blood banks. The Department of Health Secretary claimed that he already ordered these blood banks closed but from the expose, it was really clear that a lot of these businesses are still in operation.

Being HIV positive, I know that you will feel strongly about this case. Please look into it. You can help a lot of people by writing about it in your blog. I know you care about the Philippines not to let this pass. Thanks B!

What the hell?
I'm freaking out.
This is the craziest thing ever.

WHO was this guy who gave blood?
And was HIS blood traced?
I mean this is INSANE!

I need a drink.

Subject: blood banking
Message: Hello Brian:

I have to point out for your readers that some people have been fighting these commercial blood banks for years without success. Even if commercial blood banking and unsafe and unethical practices with blood have been outlawed, the political will to enforce these laws is lacking in an eminently corrupt society.

Take heart, though. Please tell your Philippine readers to NEVER ever use blood from commercial banks, to never PAY to use blood transfusion products and to use only blood that has been banked through proper hospitals.
I cannot blame people who are impoverished and ignorant, people who don\'t know any better and would rather sell their blood for money, they don\'t know any better. I do blame the owners and operators of these commercial banks, some of whom claim to represent the medical profession. THEY DO NOT represent the Philippine medical profession behind the Philippine Blood Banking Council, which is working very hard and has been battling these insane criminal interests in commercial blood banking.

The safest way for people who need blood transfusion in the Philippines is either to bank their own blood for possible future use, or to encourage proper donations without the taint of commercial interests through accredited blood banks which are usually connected to accredited hospitals.

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