15 November 2008

Spell It With Me- S.T.I.G.M.A.

I'm a VERY happy gay man with HIV who is loving life.
Do I look like I'm dying? Or sick? Depressed? Or angry? Nope.
I love my life and my beautiful friends and family.


I see it everyday.
HIV related STIGMA.
I hear about it in my sleep.
HIV related STIGMA.
It's cruel and unfair.

People write me, lost and alone.
Terrified and helpless.
Afraid to tell anyone, family AND friends.

Because of this horrible evil HIV STIGMA.

Filipinos living with HIV are just like you.
Except for the STIGMA which is so unbearably unfortunate and ridiculously unjust.
Imagine if you were marginalized during a time when you needed love most?

Please look at these two links.
I could write something about this topic, but it's so hard.

Having been a victim of stigma for so long, I'm afraid I can no longer be objective.

Fear is enemy#2.
Hate is #3

.....and the list does go on.
Equality and respect for all.
Let's end sexual discrimination once and for all.
I begging for your help.
Please be a great person and help spread the word that HIV is VERY manageable now and it is MUCH less common for people to actually die from AIDS.
Please please please help me stop STIGMA in the Philippines.

It's was NOT Gods work or his intention to have his children spreading hate and discrimination.

AND we all know that.
God created HIV, no?
To challenge us.
Shake us out of our duplicity.

Like cancer does.
And leukemia.
And Parkinson's disease too.
All of them.

I would NOT want cold sores on my lips (sexially transmitted).
I would NOT want crabs (sexually transmitted, usually).
I would NOT want Hepatitis (same same).
I would NOT want ANYTHING like that.
None of us do.

And NO ONE wants HIV.. TRUST ME!

Because the stigma is the REAL killer here peeps.
NOT the virus.

All of us.


It's enemy #1 for HIV carriers.

, help me put a stop to HIV related STIGMA in the Philippines.
Because until we do, MANY people will DIE without the proper love care and attention they so desperately need. Because they will NOT seek help and they will NOT be medicated... and they WILL die!
So..... please.....

PLEASE click on these fantastic links to learn all about STIGMA.

HIV Stigma

click to read

Fighting HIV Stigma
click to read

ps- You go for an HIV test... NOT an AIDS test peeps.
Please get it right from now on.
It's a start!

AIDS should never even be mentioned when discussing HIV stigma.
They are two VERY different things altogether.
Peace out!

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