13 November 2008

Three Ring Circus

open wide peeps, it's feeding time

Are the sex bets in the Embassy crowd true? Do some of them really bet on who gets to fuck who first or something like that???

*****, I'm not sure about 'sex bets' at Shambassy (but this in NOT the first I've heard of it), but really, I've heard such crazy shit about that place, NOTHING would surprise me. But I will dish on something else. Hehehe. ************ I know of a VERY popular and respected 'fashion identity/icon' in Manila.. and THIS is how HE gets his gigs/jobs/contracts/connections/leg up/advantage over others.

This person who I'll call Fashionman knows models. Lots of models. And these models will do ANYTHING for FM's acknowledgment and approval. (A la Joji Dingdong if you get my drift.) JOBS JOBS JOBS!!!!
Blow jobs!
FM always gets 'treated kindly orally' first by the new models/actors/hotties on the fashion scene. That's a well known fact. He has some power. But I KNOW FM does not diddle daddle with kiddies. Only late teens. So here we go. Fashionmans' 'prospective clients' (PC's) are taken out for drinks....usually at Martini Bar or some other 'cocktail' room in Manila. PC is 'liquored up', then taken out to dance/drug out/salvitate..... and get blown for certain. (actually fucking a 'model' I'm told is a VERY big request from 'certain' clients.. and if you are already 'established', well the skies the limits in your a cutie pie trapped in Manila) A blowy is OK, but to actually put 'it' in a model? WOW! Manna! Ecstasy is next on the menu. Down the hatch for FM and his posse of gorgeous young boy/man whores. HIS models get their drugs for free. Naturally. Usually half tabs though, because FM doesn't want them too messed up and because he's a bit cheap. (ZERO family money) He's fond (and known for) molesting/raping his models in the toilets while they 'chop up' HIS gear. Rape in a 'good' way of course. As they say, "You can't rape the willing". And besides, these models are grateful just to be there....in his presence. Snorting free drugs. Most models dream of this.
Click those heals bitches.
There's no place like home......

picture it- FM and PC on the dance floors edge, with semis raging in their TOO TIGHT pants.........
"Who do yo want to fuck"?, FM says's to PC. "Which one"?, as FM scans the room with a game show-esque, gift 'reveal' swish of his once well toned arm. Except the prizes are people in this particular game show. Not unlike other Philippines game shows really. People sold cheap. Hot young sexy ... poorish people.. er models I mean in this case. .....after a teensy weensy tiny little pause, PC points to a rather attractive young model/actor(17?) known for his rather lovely true blue pinoy appendage. because FM has been there already.... NATURALLY. We'll just call gorgeous well hung pinoy model#1. After a few more drinks and with a buzz from the pills, FM has a BRILLIANT idea. I mean, this guy is C.L.E.V.E.R. with a capital C. M#1 is invited along with PC to FM's car outside.... for a 'smoke' and a little 'bump' or two. Once in the car though, and quickly off the mark, FM instructs/tells/demands/insists/begs.... M#1 to 'kiss' and 'play with' PC while he fumbles with his baggie of cocaine and a key. M#1 is in shock (or acts like it anyways) as he snorts his nose candy. M#1 (straight guy apparently) looks at FM and tells him, "I'm straight, but my friend ( another model) will do it"! So M#1 TEXTS M#2 (what else could he do?) and five minutes later.... M#2 is at FM's car, with bells on and a hungry 'stunning' nostril. M#1 exits (3000pesos in hand for his troubles.... and silence of course) and M#2 enters, already told via text what was needed/expected from him. M#2 is eager and wastes no time obeying FM's request by ' pleasantly pleasing PC in the crotch area with glee and gay abandon (unless he's straight too and just REALLY broke)'. PC (on his way to becoming new client now for sure!) while FM sucks off M#2...... (Because FM can't help himself. He takes what he wants and has to be involved with everything). FM also doesn't have to ask.
He just takes.

Now I know how he got HIS career! I've always wondered.......

Talk about yoga pose.
Three in a car.

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