20 November 2008

You've Been Gorrelled!

My gorgeous CEO found this Urban Dictionary entry today.

1. To experience bad karma.
2. To be exposed in the public. In terms of financial scandal.
I'd better stay clean than be gorrelled.

I laughed my ass off.
We also found a '
Social Sheriff' entry.
Honestly, this just gets better and better peeps.
Thanks to the
TB members who entered these into Cyber space where they will remain always.

Someone (?) has also refreshed the Wikipedia entry on the Gucci Gang controversies.
WHO is doing all of this?

That's who!

Social Sheriff

Word coined by Brian Gorrell and Kitty Go. It means social watchers of society, as to what is prim and proper. Social Sheriff is to society as to Fashion Police is to fashion.

Social Sheriff is someone who makes remarks or comments regarding social order in a society. He or she also gives tips on what should be done; the right thing that should be done especially in a Third World Country like the Philippines, when people in the upper crust of society commits abuses that is treated with contempt by the masses.
Social Sheriff Brian Gorrell has condemned the excesses of Imelda Marcos given the fact that there are a lot of Filipinos in the Philippines starving as she buys 3,000 pairs of shoes.

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