20 December 2008

Merry Christmas

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Dear Readers,

Wow, this year has been HUGE.
I think most who care would agree.
Looking back on the last ten months reminds me that anything is possible.
I've run the gauntlet of emotions along with my readers.
And yet, my journey is not finished.
Our journey is not yet complete.

Blogging is my voice.
My passion.
My past.
My present.
My future.

The new year is going to be incredible.
My partner will arrive from the Philippines.
We will get married.
And we can start building our lives together after so much time apart.
In a new country.
A new mindset.
A new objective.

I'm looking forward to the year ahead.
I hope you are too.

God bless you and your precious family.
Stay true to your convictions.
Protect the ones you love.
Remember to give and to give often.
Love yourself.
Accept others who are not like you.
Believe in yourself and your validity.
Never stop believing in the validity and honor of others.
Stay true to your heart and it will stay true to you.
Never give up!


ps- I'm flying home to see my family for Christmas for the first time in almost 25 years. Mummy is already geared up for our Videoblog which is going to be fabulous! I'm looking forward to blogging full time again. And I'm looking forward to you all meeting my mother. She's so cool.
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