30 December 2008

Sir Brian

Sir Max and Me on Christmas Eve


This e mail stopped me dead in my tracks.
The fact that I touch people in this way is still very overwhelming for me.
I did NOT expect this to happen when I started the blog.
The love flow never stops.
I'm reminded daily that my time has not been wasted.
Not one single second of it.
And it's all because of e mails like this one, which I receive everyday.
My passions and convictions have been validated by this reader, who I hope to meet one day.
He's helped to push back my insecurities that much farther.
I hope to meet a million people one day. People like this reader who I admire.
My heart could NOT be fuller than it is today.
It may burst.

I'm avoiding family today.
Day off.

Life changes from day to day.
The blog continues to help me understand myself a bit better.
It helps me in so many ways.
As it helps others to understand some things a bit better too.
It's the most important thing I've done so far in life.
And it's only the beginning.

Your Name: marvin galve cagas



i am marvin galve cagas,24 years old,from philippines. I was shocked to hear your story. Your such a great man, who dont deserve to have this kind of betrayal from your ex bf. You know, i message you, its honestly because i can relate your story, not because i betray also and being dishonest witn someone, but because i have also a friend somewhere in DELAWARE,USA who is my 2 years and 2 months friend already. He said he was a married man,with no kids yet. He is a businessman, and with that, he supported me in my studies, he wants me to enroll nursing course, so i did, and now i am in my 2nd year college. He very nice also to me, he is kind and open-minded,very generous to me,understanding,and such a great man like you. I was very disappointed with what DJ do unto you, i was also embarassed because i am also a filipino. And he\'s bringing our race concerning he\'s scandal made to you.
All i know is, you are a very kind person, i can see it,i am watching your interview on tv,i cant see lies in your eyes, i know your telling the truth. You know Sir Brian, God has plan for you,it may not be the material thing that you lost and expect to come back to you, but its the real essence of love and happiness, fulfillment of life that brings you into contentment. God knows, what you want in life, and He will be there for you to rescue.
I am not a good adviser,not even a good councilor, but one thing i can assure you is that, i am a real person with a good heart. You have a good heart also, and a very kind person. Considering that, you trust your savings to someone, who you do not expect would betray you.
All i can say as of now is that, keep praying and ask God for guidance. He is always be there for you, whatever happens. You are such a brave man, and admitting the whole world that you have are an HIV+. Sir, you are my idol, and i admire your being brave to face the world. I know, you can handle everything. Don\'t you worry sir, its a pleasure to serve you as your nurse someday:)...
Be well sir, and have a blessed day to you!
God has a very good plan why this happen to you!
And i can assure that to you 100%...
Just call His name and He will be there to rescue you:)

Have a Happy New Year to you Sir Brian...

your friend,

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