16 January 2009

Stoopid Bloody Gucci!-CLINK!

Celine Fauxpez and her Stoopid (P75,000) bloody Gucci's

Hi Brian,

How are you?
May you have the best health always.

-I'm doing just GREAT my darling, thank you.

I found this pic from barely two years ago in one of Celine Lopez's many and abandoned blogs.
Guess what's the caption she wrote for this?
Exactly the same huh?!

"Stoopid Bloody Gucci."

-OMG, I LOVE this M.
Words that have come back to haunt her.

Hope I'm the first one to give this to you, not that it's (pic) that catchy but the caption that she put it this pic in her blog rings a very loud bell. lol!

Take a lot of care.

-You take care too M! And may I disagree with you my love? I think the picture is FANTASTIC! Ugly shoe for sure. You are what you wear after all.

By the way Brian, I got your email because I read your blog. Just finished reading again the dish about Xeng Zulueta. Been busy with real- life stuff but taking time to read your blog is worth it. Best of luck!

Dear Readers,

(I'm being told that a very HIGH society arrest is coming VERY soon.
The Ambassador in the clink?
Oh yes.)

Here's two comments on
Victorina Blog's latest entry-

amiel aguilar cabanlig said...

"I saw the LIST of celebrities in the watch list. One thing I can say is they are very FAMOUS"!

January 16, 2009 10:46 PM

Pam wrote-

"It makes me very sad because Tim Yap's boisterous lifestyle makes many of these teenagers think that getting drunk, hooking up with strangers, snorting coke etc., have actually become "acceptable". I'm turning 24 in a few months, I've enjoyed the "Manila night-scene" back when I was 19-21, spent my parent's money for things I thought were "important" and all I can say is -- I'm lucky I got out of it alive. And I know for sure, that if this continues to worsen, many kids out there won't".

GG Tid Bit

-Which Gucci Gang member was CAUGHT shoplifting in
Glorietta Mall?
Caught in the drug store?
He/she made a frantic phone call.
'Someone' saved his/her bacon.
This person should stay in the gym where he/she can let off some steam in the company of others.
Sex is for the bedroom, NOT the gym.

Any Ideas?

This from a reader-

you know what Brian, your blog has been a blessing to me in many ways, because without it, i will never discover the blog of dane (trust me it's paradise), hers led me to several awesome blogs and that taught me how to score great finds at second hand stores..

...and their blogs also made me realize that one can be happy and fashionable without having to spend too much money like the 'gucci gangs'...i became so creative too...

and i sooo want to say super thanks to you for that!!!!

you're my fashion angel

-SO SWEET!!!!! Thank you.

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Dane deserves her fan base!
Favorite Dane's blog.
You will NOT be disappointed.
I'm proud of you D!

Trust Me It's Paradise Fashion Blog

Over and OUT!

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