07 January 2009


The STAR should be ashamed to have a Drug Lord on their staff.
And believe me, Tim Yap is in the center of it all.

The vast majority of drugs are sold at Embassy

Tim Yap is really the biggest drug pusher in Manila.
Tim MUST take his rightful place among the Mania drug muck.

This is Tim's drug and the drug of choice for the wealthy, and not so wealthy.
It depends on your addiction level. But he does NOT care about anything but MONEY and DRUGS.
The two go hand in hand in his disco.
Drugs and GREED!

This is where the profit is..... E's
Millions of Ecstasies have been swallowed at Embassy under Yaps watch, er I mean blessing.
Millions and millions of pesos.
And lives destroyed I'm sure.
Keeping up with the Tim Yaps of the world is very $$$$$$$$$$$.

Dear Readers,

Wow, reading all the scandal about the Alabang Boys and Tim Yap is NOT surprising at all.
I've been singing about this forever.
Tim Yap NEEDS people to do drugs.
WHY would you go to Embassy without drugs?
To urinate on the dance floor?
Classy joint.

If Tim Yap and The Borg did not have the drug trade firmly under their belt, they would be NOTHING.

Tim's secret weapon has always been drugs.
Arrest him!
Start at the top.
And Tim IS at the top of all things criminal and corrupt.
He bribes the police.
It's a FACT!

If you are murdered in his club.
It's ok.
No worries.
Just get a priest in to bless the dance floor.
And all will be well.

It's fucking pathetic.
Tim Yap simply laughs his ass off knowing he is covered and protected.

Tick tock Tiny.

You have no real talent mate.

You are all about DRUGS DRUGS DRUGS!

WHEN will The Philippine Star fire Tim Yap, a KNOWN drug pusher?

"Everyone knows that Tim uses his club to profit from the drugs he ALLOWS people to sell at Embassy NOT so Super Club."

HOW can The Philippine STAR have a known drug pusher on their staff?


-a readers comment from VICTORINA

If this is small, I don't know what is big; seized from there were 60 Ecstasy tablets, 11 sachets of cocaine and drug paraphernalia, including a marijuana grinder and weighing scales.Santiago also belied a claim by one of the suspects' lawyer that the case should not be treated as a big one because the three boys are only drug users. Yeah right a user consuming 60 TABLETS of ecstasy- ONLY GUCCI GANG CAN accomplish such feat!

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