24 February 2009


A good compromise, a good piece of legislation, is like a good sentence; or a good piece of music. Everybody can recognize it. They say, 'Huh. It works. It makes sense.'

Barack Obama


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Overpopulation is a slow, agonizing death, and the Philippine's should really change its course in order to curb it.
Seeing it happen especially in the country's most distressed areas, with people living in dire conditions, makes it twice as much heart-wrenching.

Children, children and more children.

I'm sure these kids are oblivious to the fact that they don't have ready access to basic services.

They will probably never go to school, or finish if they are lucky enough to be in one. And maybe, they will not eat tonight because their parents are having a difficult time making ends meet.
I'm also sure that, as adults, they are most likely to pass on the problem to their children to solve, and the children of their children, unless something is done to break the never-ending vicious cycle.
Your country needs an effective nationwide population control program.

And for that to happen, you have to pass into law Bill no. 5043.

Poverty has a direct link to overpopulation and that is a fact.

But the trend towards overpopulation can be restrained, if not totally stopped.
That said and yet allowing people to wallow in abject poverty as a result of something which is, otherwise, preventable is a sin.
Not to mention CRUEL, in my humble opinion.

The Catholic Church should really rethink its position on the issue of artificial birth control and contraceptives. As your Senator Biazon said "the Church should touch base with their flock" and see the reality on the ground.

Birth control by "natural means" or even abstinence is not for everyone.

It obviously does not work for everybody.

Either that, or the Church, who continues to advocate this method over and above artificial means, isn't doing its job very well.

Until the Church changes its stand against the use of contraceptives, and remains unaccepting to the idea that birth control by artificial means is a feasible and morally acceptable alternative to natural birth control, then really, I don't see any reason for them to get involved with the dialogue, right?

It is like asking ANONS, who constantly criticize me about my posts or my opinions, but wouldn't (or couldn't?) offer their take on the issue when asked for one, yes?

With so much(?) following and influence, I believe an organization as big as the Catholic Church has MUCH to contribute in order to stop a disaster waiting to happen.
There is, and should always be, a separation of church and state.
But it doesn't mean that one should work against the other.

The Catholic Church should devote its resources (read:wealth) into contributing more positively, rather than undermining the efforts of the state, may it be through the pulpit, or through prayer rallies and marches.
Because, in the end, church and state belong to one society.

The Catholic Church is not infallible as many believe it to be.

Did it not fail myself and other sexually abused children who lost their innocence at the hands of sexual predators in robes? Were it not for myself... telling, Father Ghurka (my EVIL abuser) would have been reassigned to another parish, ready to prey on your precious children........
(this is an ongoing Vatican policy, the manual of which was enforced by the current Pope who as you know, I can't stand!)

What about saving souls and teaching morals?
I think they also failed miserably on this, right Gucci Gang?

What about allowances from gambling money?
Isn't gambling a vice?
I don't get it.
I'm sure this is where the Tim Yap gets the idea to justify poker week at Embassy... for charity.

If the clergy can condone it, so why couldn't Tim Yap, right?

And what about misinforming the faithful that the HIV virus can pass through condoms because there are small 'holes' on condoms?
I mean, they are willing to sacrifice public health and safety, just so they can justify their stand against using contraceptives?

I'm sure there are lot more, but let's not dwell on those.

Let's focus on the issue at hand and ask, will the Catholic Church fail its faithful once again?"
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