24 February 2009

Wonky Eye's Part 2

Gimme NO MO of this crap Twister!

MoTwister is so biased when it come to Vicky Belo.
I mean just listen to him.
He sacrifices so much credibility for this rubbish.
He's practically crawling up Belo's stinky vajayjay on his hands AND knees.
Just fuck her Twister and get it over with, if you already haven't.
How can you look into her eyes without laughing mate?

You are becoming part of the problem mate.

With eyes like hers, Vicky Belo should NOT be promoting her 'skills' to anyone.
I mean look at her face!
Her eyes are totally fucked up.
FUCKED UP FACE with wonky eyes!

And MoTwister is a big shit stirrer for sure.
Planned questions with planned sound bites to cause hurt for others.
Nothing original or creative here Mo.
Just feeding Filipinos more bullshit and flakiness.
Have they not had enough Twister?
Is it all about plastic surgery Mo?
Is THIS what the Philippines needs right now?
You talking to Wonky Eyes about plastic surgery and her fucking money grubby toy boys?
Good thing you're in the Philippines mate.
You will always have a job there.
Because you know the tricks to maintain your relevancy.
Nothing original and just play along.......
Promote these LOSERS whenever you can... or when you need ratings.
Really Mo?
Who's next mate?
Is this what constitutes newsworthyness in the Philippines?
ANYONE could do this job!

People sideswiped by a petty FAKE surgeon and her poodle Twister for ratings and shock value.
You actually look like her poodle Mo.
Did Vicky provide you with the questions?
Just wondering........ because they are the most STOOPID questions ever!
A truly weak performance with typical results.

I'm sure you will get great ex deals Twister, when your own face falls apart and you need Belo's help to keep you looking so pretty.

Pathetic lack of principles on Twisters part, for sure.
How does Twister get away with so much shit stirring?
He is a BEST friend of Belo which makes this all the more ridiculous.
Not at all objective.
A complete kiss ass really.
He has her ass fluff in his teeth.
I'm so disappointed.

Maybe Vicky has worked on Twisters face already?!
I'm losing respect for him, slowly.....because he is a side taker for sure.
Too many fingers in too many pies I reckon.
STOP promoting this loser Vicky Belo Twister.
You're becoming as bad as they are really.

Vicky Belo is a giant fraud and you LOVE her, it's so obvious.
MoTwister, you are just like them now!
Mo, you sound like a fucking sycophant!
WHERE is your objectivity mate??????
You have none.
Get out of bed with BELO Twister or you will lose the respect of your fans.
It's pathetic.
You are doing a GREAT disservice to the Philippines when you promote this whore with a scalpel.
It's a shame.
Like Dr(?) Vicky Belo's wonky eye's.
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