22 February 2009

The Catholic Womb? No Way!


This great entry is from Carlos Celdran's Blog
, 'Walk This Way' (on my favorites of course) and I want lots of people to read it.

I love how CC writes about Reproductive Health because you can tell that he is quite passionate about it like many other bloggers.
Carlos has been on the RHB case for some time now and I always anticipate and look forward to his entries on the topic.
And even though I keep up with the debate myself, I don't have as much time to devote to it like Carlos does. His passion on this issue is obvious to all who follow his blog.
I like Carlos.
His heart is in the right place and he truly cares about the Philippines,
not just bullshit talk like so many others who claim to care, but they really only care about themselves like the Tim Yaps of Manila...... and the rest.
The ME ME ME ME ME generation.
And you know who you are peeps!

Of course we all have our opinions with regards to the RHB debate, one way or another.
Even myself... surprise, surprise.
I believe that most rational people who truly care about the Philippines WANT to see this bill passed and turned into law. The country really needs to change course.
Over population is killing the Philippines.
A slow agonizing death.


Coolness! I just read the headlines of the Inquirer today.

It seems that the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines "walked" out of Philippine Senate and REFUSE to take part in any further talks regarding Reproductive Health Bill 5043. They say that the lawmakers had no intentions of ever taking into account what they had to say, so why should they even bother participating. Oh my gosh. What a bunch of brats.

Well. GOOD! The CBCP is finally learning it's place. They never should have had a say regarding this issue to begin with!

So all I can say here is this: "Yo! Bishops. Don't let the door hit your asses on the way out, Ok?You should really start concentrating on other more important things like saving souls, teaching morals, feeding people, weaning yourselves off allowances made through gambling (PAGCOR), and restoring your crumbling heritage churches. Those issues alone should keep you busy for years. You priests should really stop meddling in things you know nothing about: Like SEX."

Sound bite by Senator Biazon:

“This is an affair of the State. The State must respond to the needs of the people,” he said. “If the teachings of the Church are against the use of modern artificial contraception, the Church should touch base with their flock. They should go to the pulpit, and teach. I hope they’re fair when they do this.”

Fair? Ha. I doubt it. So let's stay vigilant, y'all. We are one step closer to having the bill passed.

It's been a good weekend.
(I'd say it's been a GREAT weekend with this news)
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