19 February 2009

Citibank Scandal...Chill Pill?

enjoying some sushi and beer at my favorite spot


Someone needs a chill pill.
I've placed an audio widget on blog right for your listening pleasure.
It's CRAZY ass shit, that's for sure!
This lady is whacked in the head from rage!
And you have to hear it for yourself to believe it.

Wow, I can get pretty angry on the phone, but nowhere near the heights that some can reach. And this crazy bitch (listen first) takes the cake. I mean, she NEEDS to be tazed!
Worse than the crazy airport lady who screamed herself horse.
I read that they put her on the next flight out. Cathay Pacific.
I bet they did!
Cwazzee lady for sure.

I say,

I love a fight as we all know, however, I always lose my battle when I'm irrational and I always win when I'm calm.
It's true.
So relax because you get nothing done when you are THIS mean.
The woman needs a tranquilizer dart right in her hysterical ass.

Have you EVER been this wicked on the phone?
And the funny thing is, you don't even have to understand every word.
You can just feel her rage.

This crazy lady MUST have high blood pressure.
Have a listen. She is totally INSANE!
This would not be on the blog unless I though you should hear it.
Someone needs anger management classes....
What do you think?
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