19 February 2009

Fake Fake Fake

the Pope, outdated and not helping

Why is the Catholic Church so afraid of condoms.


I find these reported HIV figures for the Philippines fascinating.

Total world HIV cases 2009




8,500 (??????)

The international HIV community is being told that a country (a sexually liberal country like the Philippines), with nearly 97 million people, NO adequate birth control laws to speak of and the most DISASTROUS anti condom policies
imaginable, has only 8,000 HIV positive people?

And a Muslim country like Malaysia has 10 times more?

I find this information so depressing because I feel/know it's false.

Is the Philippine's government and the Catholic church serious with these HIV figures for the Philippines?
Now we all know these figures are
NOT true.
They can't be because logic defies them.

HOW can this false HIV reporting continue in the Philippines?
It's been going on for over twenty years already.
It puzzles me and leaves me frustrated that no one discusses it openly.
I'm hoping that more advocates will take this false reporting issue up on their own blogs and start asking questions.

It's a potentially explosive issue that REALLY needs to be looked at much closer.
The Catholic church needs to keep it's grubby fingerprints OFF the Philippines HIV statistics.

people who suffer are NOT being counted.
Or cared for.

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