17 February 2009

He Can Run..........

Montano.. you've been GOOGLED!

the photo that just keeps giving and giving....DJ and BFF Celine Lopez

The Four Seasons said no thanks Montano


What a fascinating turn of events,...... and I could NOT be any happier.
I received this e mail only minutes ago from my dear sweet friend in Manila who is VERY connected indeed.
I almost fell over.
I love this friend VERY much, as well as the friends who wrote to tell me about Dee Jay and his potential employment at The Four Seasons Hotel in San Fransisco.

Hey Montano!
You don't stand a chance mate.
70,000 Montano.

Dearest Brian

Must be telepathy! I have not checked this mailbox in a while and just came in to send you a message! First off, Happy Valentine's! I was in ******** last weekend and just heard that DJ was offered a job at the Four Seasons in San Francisco. But get this, after they Googled him they told him not to bother coming in. So your blog is working!

He should know that every major corporation now has Google search built into their hiring process!

Serves him right.
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