12 February 2009

The Four Seasons Of Dee Jay Montano

Dee Jay Montano, even here he was scamming me.......
........told me his herpes was a bug bite



It will never end for me as long as TEAM BRIAN is out there.
Or Dee Jay Montano.
Until the criminal pays back what he stole from me, people will always watch out for him. They KNOW what he did and just can't seem to let him get away with it either.
The blog created a force of energy.
Good energy.
Fight back energy.
I'm more pumped then a set of Hollywood lips.
The last week has been c.r.a.z.y. with a capital C.
People are emailing left right and center.
I'm trying to move on, but....... I get sucked back in so easily.
Just when I think I've moved ahead emotionally......
Because I'm still with nothing because of Montano so it's hard to move on.
Could you?
Could you really?
The pain is too great to let go of. It sneaks up on me and whacks me about the temple region, you know?
It's painful.
I've tried so hard but what Montano did to me is too much for any person.
NOT just the money either. The heart. The mind. The soul. The stupidity.
It's just TOO MUCH.
70,000 too much.

Thanks to one of my many impeccable 'inside' San Francisco source's, we now know where Dee Jay resides and who he is living with.
It took some time to find him, but I knew we would eventually. I know too many people in San Francisco and California for that matter, who are in the know. Montano stands no chance of vanishing into obscurity because his guilty shadow looms too large.
I'm told he's broke and needs a job.
Surprise surprise I said.
Sugar daddy not so sugary......
He's also trying to stay in America permanently.
And I also found out that Montano is TRYING to get a job at Four Seasons Hotel as their Public Relations/Marketing Manager.

If Dee Jay Montano (it's how he's spelling it since reactivating his Facebook account last week) has nothing to hide, then why is he hiding from my lawyer? Getting into his Facebook was easier then I thought. I'm looking at it right now. Interesting what I'm seeing.........
His first Facebook entry upon re entry was Dee Jay Montano is back better than ever!
So Montano, you're back eh?
OK mate!
Round 2 coming up matey.
And this time I'm not so alone.
Because you've pushed me too far DJ.
Way too far.

We know where DJ lives now in San Francisco.
And he knows I know now.
And I have a surprise for him soon enough.
More than one in fact.
I'm going to publish it.

I also know Dee Jay has been trying to get a job with The Four Seasons in San Francisco. Don't worry, I've called them. We're preparing a formal statement to submit to the proper people at the hotel.
WHY should I let Dee Jay move on with his life when he STILL owes me 70,000?
Fuck that man.
Save your comments about me being bitter and blah blah blah.
I don't care what anyone thinks about me anymore. I'm so above it now.
This is my battle, and I'll fight it however which way I choose.
You want to come along for the ride, so be it.
But don't complain about my methods after the FREE show.
What would you do?
Got it haters?

Montano, do you think I would let you take a job in America without exposing you to your potential employer?
I also know who you're fucking mate.
Does he know you have a 70,000 dollar debt to me.
Your ex-boyfriend?
How is your sugar daddy?

Google DJ Montano.
He's the biggest fraud in the Philippines.
He's nothing but a two bit criminal who needs to serve time in prison for what he has done to others.
Google the entire Montano family.
Benjie Laurel.

Does the Four Seasons KNOW who DJ is?
Well, they do now, because we have sent them a summary of the blog.
We sent it to the head office.
We've also contacted the corporate offices for Four Seasons by phone.
I LOVE my detective friends.
I love my lawyer(s).

Until Dee Jay Montano gives me my 70,000 back, we will NEVER EVER stop chasing him down.
I'm going to San Francisco soon with the specific intention of paying a visit.
I will not be alone.
I have a friend who lives not even TWO blocks away from him.
We couldn't believe it.
Small world.
VERY small for Montano.
And getting smaller by the week.

Pay me DJ, or this will never end for you.
You stole my life savings, and you WILL give it back to me.
One way or another DeeJay, you will pay me back.
Because TEAM BRIAN is relentless.

This has already cost you so much mate.
Was it worth it?
And to think, you still have the debt to pay.
Do you really want it to cost more than it already has?
Because I have all the time in the world to chase you down.
You STOLE from me.
And you shall pay.

The Four Seasons in San Francisco

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