09 February 2009

It's Raining Gay


I feel SO butch when I watch this clip.
I have a best friend in New York just like this guy.
He's super straight when he has to be.
But he can queer scream like no one else I know.
We saw a dead rat on the street once and he nearly fainted.
He's is THAT gay.

Follow up research- truth behind the clip.
Still funny as hell though.

Cockroach vs. Weatherman
Status: Real reaction, but never aired
image The weatherman is Justin Mosely, meteorologist for Sarasota station SNN6. He has a rather over-the-top reaction to the appearance of a cockroach (which remains off camera). The clip looks staged, but it isn't. However, neither did it appear on-air. The St. Petersburg Times reports:
Contrary to what people may think, the footage never aired, said station general manager Lisa DesMarais. Someone anonymously posted the clip on YouTube without SNN6's knowledge or authorization.
"It was basically something that happened during a pretaping," she said.
Mosely did not respond to interview requests. "He wants to get past this," DesMarais said. "It's not who he is."
Also, when the clip claims that there was a 3-hour delay between the first and second appearance of the cockroach, that's not true: "There was no 3-hour delay," DesMarais said. "Somebody, I don't know who, altered that video. It all happened within 20 seconds or less. The bug didn't go and come back."
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