28 February 2009

Manila Gay Guy Blog

playing with Magnum before going to my birthday party last night

Manila Gay Guy blog.
He's been on my bent culture link list for a while now and the response has been fantastic.
People just LOVE his blog.
MGG blog is hands down my favorite 'bent' blog in cyber space.
I LOVE the guy responsible for it.
So clever.
I can only imagine how much time he devotes to his fabulous blog.
His latest topical entry is titled ,

How do we deal with married gay men? (his options are HILARIOUS)

But it doesn't matter if you're gay or straight, you should check out all sorts of blogs including this one.
The information is excellent and you're bound to learn something.
I LOVE the Manila Gay Guy blog.
Just love it!
Also check out Simply Manila.. another great blog!


click to link

really enjoying my 39th birthday party last night with GREAT friends, thanks boys!
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