23 February 2009

Two Powerful Woman

First Lady Michelle Obama with White House Executive Chef Criseta Comerford

Barack and Michelle Obama at their first official White House dinner for the America's Governors

I LOVE Michelle Obama so much, for a million reasons really.
Not only because she retained Criseta Comerford, the most famous Filipina chef in America to cook for her family, but also because she lets the cameras everywhere, so we can see what's going on inside the most famous house in the world.

She is a true first lady.
So stylish beyond the norm with such a fantastic flare for fashion.
She is perfectly GORGEOUS and the most brilliant intellectual woman to ever live in the White House, and this includes Eleanor Roosevelt I reckon.
A woman like Michelle Obama is something that has sadly been missing for the last eight years in Washington.
America exhales... finally.
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