18 March 2009

Hail to the Judge!

Dear Readers,

Wow, listen to this amazing interview between Larry King and Judge Judy.

Apart from the disastrous Prop 8 vote in the last American election, common sense will always prevail in the gay marriage debate. The general laws of humanity should be inclusive.. NOT exclusive.
And soon they will be, I have no doubt because Barack Obama has been dropping hints that he will support gay marriage. Michelle Obama has also been leaning in this direction. It's just a matter of time.

Anyways, I have always LOVED Judge Judy!!!!! She's fierce and apparently worth 100 million dollars.

Hey, I'm getting married soon and the feeling I have inside is incredible.
All I want is to be married and I'm blessed to have found the person I want to be with for the rest of my life.
I would love every gay man and woman to be able to do and feel the same.
Of course it's a fantasy at the end of the day and I understand that. This will not stop me from talking about gay marriage.
A Catholic country like the Philippines would NEVER allow gay marriage and I've accepted that.

Canada is amazing but so is Australia of course.

Even though gay marriage is not yet legal in Australia, co-dependency is recognized as was the case when I myself migrated under those terms in 1996 with my Australian partner who I enjoyed a beautiful very long term relationship with. Of course we remain the best of friends and continue to rely on each other for many things. The fact that we share our two gorgeous incredible dogs is enough to keep us on the best of terms. Our dogs remain everything to us and we both worship our animals.

In many ways Australia has been a leader in recognizing homosexual relationships since 1992. The country is just having a hard time jumping over the 'gay marriage' hurdle but I suspect with our new Labor government, it's only a matter of time. And I have no doubt that Australia will once again lead the world in homosexual rights and the implementation of laws that will bring the two communities together under the same marriage act.

I only wish the Philippines would consider the debate.
I LOVE the Philippines and know literally hundreds of people who would LOVE to make that ultimate commitment to their partner.

Marriage between two men or two woman is such a beautiful thing.
Marriage between any two people is marvellous.

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