22 March 2009

Magic and MOJO,Charice and Our Kitty


Have a great week.

First off the mark.
My absolute favorite feline KittyGo has launched her new look blog which is oh so very KittyGo. The fantastic people behind
m2.0 Communications(Monica Sabado and Jeeves De Veyra did a great job!) Her new blog is so bright and cheery and very pleasing to the eye.
And of course you can still purchase both of Kitty's #1 best selling books.... because lets not forget who helped kicked this whole shebang off.
Trailblazers like KittyGo.
You will find her link under my Have Shoes Will Travel list.
If any blog needed a visual 'freshen up' it was Kitty's.
Great job.

Kitty's blog has been so brilliant since her return from holidays. She always writes her best stuff at home surrounded by her dogs and domestics both of whom I'm told she treats VERY well unlike another very well known mag hack. (male, magazine publisher who apparently struck a maid and broke her nose!!!!!!!!)
But that's for another entry.
I'm feeling nice today.

And I'm sorry, but darling Chuvas blog made me tear up this week from too much laughing.
Who new Chuvaness was such a gifted comedian?
Honestly I was laughing out loud.
Her blog is on fire this past week.
The comments are killer as well.
Killer funny.

Also, if you feel like it have a listen to this fantastic interview between MoTwister, Mojo, Grace and of course Charice who I LOVE LOVE LOVE.
She gives me goosebumps every time I hear her.
And I LOVE that Mojo had the chance to actually sing with her.(tad jealous)
Charice's rendition of Alicia Keyes song 'No One' (Twisters favorite) on this Magic audio is breath taking.
Her studio voice is incredible for such a tiny dynamo.
She really is the Philippines best ambassador abroad.
I would love to see a concert joining the two greats Charice and Lea Salonga.
Now THAT would be a SPECTACULAR event.

LISTEN!!!! "I Will Survive" by Charice AND Mojo Jojo.

(And THIS is a great interview Twister.)

I love the picture from Charice Penpemgco Website..so street!

click to link
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