18 April 2009

Amina Aranaz...COPY THAT!

Armina Aranaz carrying her personalized 'knock off' Louboutin

please note- the 'comparison' links provided below are slowly being deleted!
But by who?

Dear Brian,

First off, I love your blog and have been an avid fan since last year!

You are such a real person and I know you speak only the truth which is why I think people deserve to know this because I've stayed quiet about this issue for quite some months now. But I just don't think I can bear to not speak out since people deserve to know the truth and after reading the "
I Love You Store" or The I Love to Hate You Store, I can't keep my silence in....I think it's but right people know about this tidbit on a bag designer we all think is original.

Amina Aranaz, bag designer and owner of Aranaz Bags as well as founder of the School of Fashion and the Arts has been at it for years.

She claims that she despises people who are copycats to her style and bag designing aesthetic. She's named 3-4 bag brands copying her style, her construction techniques and her raw materials of choice... and time and again she's blasted up and coming brands for retailing pieces she claims to have designed before they did.

It would be ideal to do so if she was protecting her original creations but she isn't and what's worse is that her angst with other bag brands is hindering growth in the industry which can provide for healthy competition and a safe venue to ensure customers are getting as much offering as they can from the market.

I used to work in finance but like you, I needed treatment for an illness which resulted in me trying my niche in the less stressful fashion retail industry.

What really gets to me is that as a bag designer as well, I feel that I have to limit myself so as not to offend her and her posse who think they have the say in fashion and then cut people out.

But what really pissed me off was when she posted an album of a Petal bag online (http://aminava82.multiply.com/photos/album/24/The_Petalia_Collection_) and said in her album description,

"Our bestselling collection this pre-holiday season!!! I thought of creating this collection because of the success of our Rosette collection last holiday. I've actually been quite wary about posting pictures of our latest bags online because I've noticed some "copy cats" around. But then again, I guess imitation is the best form of flattery ;D

So feast your eyes on these! :D"

The Petelia Collection from Amina Aranaz....... (I personally hate this bag...SOOOO IMELDA)

Christian Louboutin clutch bag...(HATE THIS TOO BUT I'M NO CHICK)

I know for a fact that such bag she was displaying was an original design of a Christian Louboutin clutch bag that she most likely based her design from and adapted for her brand.

-Christian Louboutin original clutch




-Aranaz clutches



Her other creations are reminiscent of the designs of other designers like Anya Hindmarch, Bea Valdes and Kate Spade.

I don't think its right for her to bash other fresh brands competing with her including former students she taught in SOFA since she should allow the Filipino fashion industry to flourish and grow rather than have a false sense of power and belief that she is a part of the fashion elite cause its just not fair especially to new comers.

Fashion is never original since we get inspirations from similar things in life.

I just don't think she should put people down for having the same ideas as she did which was as it turns out, really originally from a foreign designer.

I hope you can help me pass the message along as I will post this in my up and coming blog. I don't think a few people should keep me or anyone else from doing what I always dreamed to do..it's too elitist and exclusive and yet another disappointing sad reality in Manila and in the Philippines.

You inspire me in so many ways and standing up for myself and my brand after keeping quiet was a big step for me and your blog helped me do it. I hope you can help me in my cause as well and would love to hear your thoughts on this.
Keep up the good work and i only wish the best for you! thank you. more power.


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