20 April 2009

"Gay Rights Cost Me Miss USA Crown"

Pretty.......but a bit dumb, Miss California..

Of course she has the right to her own opinion , but it's how she articulated it that was less than intelligent, especially for a person who wants to represent the nation as a beauty queen. I mean come on, she has to do better than that. I understand that not everyone agrees with gay marriage. But give a reason why. Just don't keep saying 'my family believes' or 'my country'. This girl is a divisive example of how subtle Christian based discrimination is deeply rooted in the most simple aspects of America. And you can't get any simpler than this gorgeous creature. BG.

Cost you the crown?.......Your dam right it did honey.

You silly blond idiot.
Miss. Who the fuck cares who you are now, has lost everything because she discriminates against gays and lesbians and everyone else who does not conform with 'her' countries morals and her 'family's ideals'.
Well suck it bimbo!
How does it feel?
You should have just whoop whooped it up and said HELL YES! I LOVE the gays and they should all be able to marry!!!

Honey, you would have the crown on your head right now.
Bet your kicking yourself now.

MISS California has admitted airing her real views on gay marriage cost her the Miss USA crown, and has also revealed her sister doesn't agree with her.

What a bloody air head Miss California was last night while competing for a beauty crown. The only men who care about these pageants are gay men. Know your audience sweets!
Poor sad America produces so many of these lovely gorgeous bimbos.
But this glamazon is really really stupid.... almost beyond belief.
It's obvious she has attained everything in life because of her amazing looks.
She'll marry rich of course.
Have lots of Christian children like all good zealots do.

And she will never live down this pageant clip.
Nor should she.
Bloody Air head.
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