08 April 2009

Bryan X

Dear Brian,

Here's the superhero character I created for you.

It's great that u want to be a superhero. I open my drawing book and look what I found. My official Brian Gorrell superhero--- Brian X.

Well, Brian X is actually a born meta-human, a higher level mutant with the power to gain superhuman strength and unleash electro-magnetic energy blast every time he expose the truth.

His power is basically psychic in nature, in fact, he become stronger every time he touches people who are sincere, truthful or honest and unmasked people with evil intentions.

His ability allows him to manipulate minds (hypnotize, mind-control, read thoughts) in minimal level even with great distance or through the Internet.

Thus, he is a unique superhero because his goal is to change the world by influencing people with his good intentions and can attain massive superhuman powers (strength, flight, electro-magnetic blast and mind manipulation).

His major nemesis are hypocrite, liars and deceptive people with evil intentions for humanity and the world.
More about Bryan X in the coming weeks.

Hope you enjoy my artwork Bry, this is a chance for you to show the world how heroic and powerful you are by using your heart, good intentions and sincerity to change the world.

Have great weekend and hope you have a wonderful Holy Week (if ever you celebrate it, hehe).


Ronelo Hex


click to view Ronelo's amazing art

Dear Ronald,

I LOVE my superhero so much and I love my powers too!
I can't believe I have my very own super hero.
He's HOT!!!!
Thank you.

Love Brian

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