03 April 2009

Embassy Partyboy JOETECH Charged!

EMBASSY has always been DRUG CENTRAL in Manila. All the partyphiles led by drug LORD Tim Yap that cocaine, ecstacy, shabu, ketamine, marijuana and sedatives like Rohypnol ( for date rape ) Valium and Mogadons can be purchased inside Embassy,

The Mayor of Taguig allows this because he too is a DRUG LORD.

That is how they rake in the MOOLAH, without receipts, CASH only and no tax;.

Embassy MUST be closed down NOW. Otherwise kids will overdose and die as many, many have already.

Disgusting, reprehensible and CRIMINAL;

JAIL the pushers, coddlers, drug lords.

Life sentences for the likes of TIM YAP.-reader

Charges of drug peddling and possession of illegal drugs were filed before a local court against one of the three suspects in a controversial drug case, according to documents obtained Friday.

In two separate criminal indictments filed by Quezon City assistant prosecutor Alfredo Agcaoili, Joseph Ramirez Tecson was charged with violating the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

Tecson, who remains at the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, was charged with violating section 5 (selling illegal drugs) and section 11 (possession) of Republic Act 9165.

Agcaoili recommended no bail for the drug peddling charge and P200,000 for the possession case.

Agcaoili, however, moved to have the two cases consolidated so that Tecson would be tried in just one court instead of the cases being raffled to separate courts for trial.

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