27 April 2009

MY Ninja Boys

From Oliver Makes Dolls magical workshop.....

I give you my Ninja Boys in the process of their creation. I've ordered nine of these gorgeous little guys in three sizes and different colors. I can't wait for them to arrive in Canada along with my three VOODOO dolls.

I've ordered so many of Oliver's dolls because they are 100% PINOY designed and hand crafted so I'm already addicted to them. I've become friends with other collectors and it's so fab!

Check out this brilliant Pinoy doll maker.

Oliver Makes Dolls. He's brilliant.


The making of Brian's ninja boys... (still making their accessories)...

Felt cloth cut and front pieces sewn...

Stuffing the ninja... I need to make 3 of these in 3 sizes...


PS- OMG, last week my Facebook reached 5000 people and I can no longer accept your friend invitations. I started a 'fan' page because it's unlimited (although I hate the word fan!). I have 148 Facebook friend invites but I can't accept them, 148 UHG UHG UHGS!!!! So please join my facebook fan page. I have posted a link on blog left. It will be different than my main Facebook profile....saucy!!!!!


In the back garden having a BBQ
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