18 April 2009

Parrafin 1800's....

Dear Readers,

I'm not sure why the Failon 'crime' scene was scrubbed so clean so quickly.
THIS is why the entire story seems so incredible.... like out of a movie.
Either the Failons domestic staff have serious OCD or they were told to clean up the scene tout suite!
Must have been soooo pleasant for them cleaning up the blood of their own Amo.

I'm worried about these domestics staff from the Failon household.
Their current 'interrogation' is yielding some results, however I'm also being told that 'some' staff are being more than recalcitrant.
Cleaning up a potential crime scene so quickly has obviously caused many problems for the 'official investigation'.

Now come on peeps, EVERYONE watches the multitudes of investigative crime shows on television and
everyone knows you do not clean a crime scene BEFORE the police are even called. NOR do you move a body especially when the body is a dead one.
The NBI is NOT CSI and of that we are sure.
When I was told about the paraffin results, I was like... PARAFFIN?
Is this the 18oo's or what?

What about the swabs and the pink magical forensic liquid?
What about the fancy trajectory lasers and that awesome blue dye the use?

Where is the crime lab with it's awesome gadgets and scientific marvels and those fantastic magic crime scene 'suitcases' they drag around with them everywhere...... that reveal all within minutes?

How very Little House on the Prairie.....

This 'murder' investigation has the traction of a Monty Python sketch.
Except it's not at all funny.
Suicide murder suicide murder.
For heavens sakes, this can't be that hard.
Did Mrs.Failon shoot herself or was she shot?

Understandably, the Lee household and their supporters are in full damage control mode as you can see in the comments.
Having your name linked even ever so slightly with a potential murder must be VERY unsettling for Mr. Lee.
Let's just hope everything comes out in the wash and those people who are innocent are cleared unequivocally.
Until then, we can only guess.....

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