29 April 2009

Victorina CSI

part one intro

remember this readers.......

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Where is DJ Montano?

Dear Readers and DJ Montano,

Victorina Blog has launched it's official HUNT FOR DJ MONTANO.

Victorina Blog has posted a 'reward' for information leading to DJ Montano's whereabouts.

Our “High-Society” reward with PRICE tags (all donated and will be shipped via Western Union) fit for the lifestyle pages of Supreme:

1 pair of Chocolate cord Sass & Bide Jeans $ 170.00

1 Calvin Klein denim $199.00
1 Ted Baker Halter print top Retail Size small $139.00
1 Escada 100% lime green skirt $899.00

1 diamond pendant $200.00


We need to find DJ Montano and return him to the Philippines to face my charges.
You might want to read Victorina before you read my entry.
I'm sad today and it shows.
I'm angry but I make zero apologies.
Live love and laugh?

It's not always so easy readers.
When I get sick, I remember.
I need my money.

click to join the hunt

On that topic of DJ, PLEASE allow me to rage for a few minutes because mummy always said, "Oh Brian, it's better out than in."

I am so fu--ing ANGRY readers.

I've begged and pleaded with my ex boyfriend for my Western Union money and my Royal Bank bank transfer money (all of which I have posted on the blog) which I sent many months before I even moved to the Philippines. My ex had me on a transfer 'plan' only weeks after meeting. The money was for our 'restaurant' and travel booking business which I was to operate on beautiful Boracay.

DJ Montano will have to show where my life savings went.
I sent so many thousands of dollars to his sister Marvili as well.
WHERE is my money Marvili Montano?
I've had enough with this disgraced Montano clan bullshit.

I'm SUPER pissed off and I want my money back!

When I lived on Boracay, I lived on my Australian pension which was 22 thousand pesos every two weeks which paid for my room and my precious Yaya. Still to this day, she is the most trusted person I have ever met. I trusted Yaya with EVERYTHING.
I paid 8000-12000 for my room and her salary and our food. We did live well. On 44000 pesos a month.
I did live like a king... ON THAT!

I'm overwhelmed.
I love the Philippines.
My heart aches for it.
I want to return.
But I can't.

44K a month.....THAT was MORE than enough for us to live on. My Yaya Rose was VERY good with my money. I also sold my truck for back up money.
I received not ONE single cent of my money back from DJ. I did send him 3000 dollars once which WAS for my domestic arrangements which was three months advance rent and my wifi hook up. THAT'S IT.


I paid for EVERYTHING else from my own money.
DJ, YOU know it and your family knows it.
Your mother bloody well knows it.
So come off it Montano and give me my fucking money back you bastard.
Stop hiding out in America.
Time to face up and PAY UP!

The entire Montano clan went on television and DJ said that we had NO businesses together. He told Korina and MoTwister that he gave me every penny of my money. It's hard to watch it. All 70,000 dollars. That's ten thousand a month.
DJ spoke to my mother on the phone and told her all about out travel business... JUST BEFORE I sent him more money.

It's ok DJ, no worries.... I have all the e mails mate.

See you in court mate.
You should have just paid it back.
NONE of this would have happened.
I told you.
I warned you.

You do NOT fuck with me.

The sole reason I moved back to the Philippines (apart from the fact that I loved it so much) is because I thought the businesses were real and my future was going to be amazing. What's wrong with that? I didn't know the GG. I had no idea how it all worked. I mean come on, I was coming off eight years on a rural property.

I mean, you can't even imagine how I was duped with fake documents and 'pretend' e mails. They were not real businesses at all.
It was all a scam. Plain and simple.
Celine and Marcel were never going to be our business partners.
It was all lies.

The day I finally asked for bank account proof, my world collapsed.
My abduction from the hotel still haunts me to this day.
The day DJ put his master plan into action.
And here we are today.
The spoils and riches of his pure evil.

Some have called me a 'scorned lover'.
You're damn right I'm scorned. Scorched actually.
Am I sounding dramatic?
And if anyone thinks for one second that I'm going to let that slimy little free loading social climbing wannabee get away with his crimes against me......
You're mad.
Mad I tell you.

Other still say.. move on Brian.....
Get over it.



I borrowed ten thousand dollars from my mom which is one thing that causes me pain because who wants to borrow from their mom who only has 30 000 to her name? And when I did not get it back, she stressed out way too much. For this , I continue to fight. For my mother's honor. I paid mummy back with interest and then some. I would NOT let DJ interfere with my relationship with MY mother anymore than he already had. He stressed her out for months and still does. Motherfucker.

I did not want to borrow the money from mummy, but the pressure from Montano was enormous and overwhelming.
Meanwhile, his own mother Aurora is LOADED!! "What is seventy twousand dollars?" the mother said.
Instead of getting his mother's money, DJ got MY mothers money!

DJ claims to love his mother but he did not care that I owed my own mother ten thousand dollars. I asked him, "DJ, how can you do this?" His response was a million times, "I don't want to talk about the money".
His inheritance was a big lie.
I wailed on the phone to Aurora. I begged, I PLEADED with her NOT to make me a victim of her son's methods and ways.

When I forfeited my share of Bethel Park, I vowed I would not ever stop my pursuit of justice and my life savings. Although I am welcome back there whenever I want....
Bethel Park is not MINE anymore.
Not a single share.

The profits DJ claimed we would make were just a big fat lie.
Everything was a lie.
He never even loved me.

Look, I'm NOT Filipino. That is plain to see.
I am NOT afraid of these people as most others are.
I'm an outsider and will always be one.
The way I like it.

When I come back to Manila, I will look them all in the face.

I will look at DJ's mother and I will smile.
She told me once that truth always prevails.
Aurora Montano will eat those words.

I just want my money back so I can move on with my life.
It's simple. If it has to go to court.... shall be it.
I don't want to do it this way.
But I need my money back.
I really do.

When I was told Celine only just helped DJ buy his car, that was it for me.
My nerves were shattered. I never stood a chance against them. I was simply a stupid white mark from day ONE.

Please read Victorina blog today (and everyday).

The Hunt is on for DJ Montano.

PS- One more thing dear readers, because I always like reminding my ex boyfriend....


YOU emptied my hotel safe motherfucker before you had me kidnapped from my fucking room.
You STOLE my passport!
YOU STOLE 250,000 pesos AFTER I gave you 60,000 that VERY afternoon at Tina Tinio's mothers sushi restaurant.(which SUCKED BTW, closed now)
YOU STOLE my shit from MY ROOM.
You will NOT give me back my stuff and you think I'm afraid of LAWYERS you bloody idiot.
YOU STOLE my plane ticket Montano!
YOU STOLE my shoes Montano!

You STOLE my security and the future I had planned when you screwed me blind.
I still suffer Montano.

Now pay attention grifter man.
When I get my money back, only then will I close my blog.


Well, DO YOU?

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