20 May 2009


I have been reading your blogs since last year and i would want this thing that EASTWEST Bank did to me.

They sent me a PRE-APPROVED card in bold red (YES WITH THE PLASTIC PLUS DISCOUNT COUPONS) then it was written there that i have to fax the form to have it activated.

What did i do? I faxed the form and followed up...they said my card can\'t be activated...i said why? as it says i am PRE-APPROVED and only needs to faxed the form FOR ACTIVATION. CONGRATULATIONS! these words were written in the docs they sent and nowhere in those docs says its PRE-QUALIFICATION as what their card department says.

I wrote emails...and i got back replies telling me that they are sorry for the inconvenience.

Sent them a reply and told them that i would want an admission of the fault they did which was MISLEADING and on FALSE ADVERTISING. Didn\'t get one.

They should have done a background check me first before sending me a pre-approved card. which they did not and even denying it was pre-approved but only a pre-qualification.

In this process, someone from EASTWEST bank called me and told me what could be done to appease me and the complaint settled. EASTWEST bank told me that someone will call me again....and i never heard from them again.

I am lost here and i want to make them feel what others feel when they are DECEIVED, GIVEN FALSE HOPE and LIED TO by telling everyone how they deceived people and not doing anything about it.

Thanks and i hope you get to read this and have it posted.
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