22 May 2009

How Divine!

Dear Readers,

It's no wonder why those silly kids from The Helium Club think people give a shit about them.
They have Tiny Tim Yap as an inspiration.
HOW did Tim Yap become anything ... with that voice and face?
What a scam!

Tim, you failed again mate.... and you've got a small brain, er I mean cock. (don't forget that Tiny)
You and your group of friends (I notice no GG except for Jennifer) sound and look like absolute losers..... really Tim, you all do.
And who is sniffing like she has a cold?

I want to like Tessa, but she looks so tacky with these people.
I reckon Tessa would go to the opening of a garage door.
She looks so tacky talking rubbish thinking anyone gives a bloody toss.
They are all so0000 tacky.
I want to vomit that nasty food all over them.
How much was raised for charity at this stupid fucking excuse of a show?
Like I thought. How much was spent on cocaine?

Sniff sniff sniff........ sniffed the
caftan wearing coke head.....

Have a great weekend readers.....
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