07 May 2009

Prejean Father A 'GAY"

Carrie Prejean should avoid speaking....at all costs

from TMZ-

So how does a beauty queen turn into the poster child against gay marriage? In the case of Miss California Carrie Prejean, the answer may lie in an ugly divorce that may have cemented her views on gay relationships.

Carrie's parents filed for divorce in 1988 and the divorce and custody fights went on for more than a decade -- it was a divorce filled with homosexual allegations hurled by both sides.

In one of the docs, Carrie's dad describes a confrontation he had with her mom in 1996, in which he recounts an argument in a restaurant parking lot, where "Ms. Prejean accused me, in front of our daughter, of homosexuality."

The papers also quote a court-appointed doctor who said "The mother questioned [within hearing of the girls] whether [her father] was a homosexual or had a homosexual roommate."

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Poor Carrie Prejean is like watching a train wreck in slow painful motion.
News has just surfaced that her father is a homosexual or rather he was 'ACCUSED' of being one during divorce proceedings between Miss Cali's parents.
The entire family sounds deranged if you ask me.

The Miss USA Pageant loser has been hijacked by radical right wing special interest groups and therefore her crown may be snatched away from her by Miss USA pageant officials. Carrie is a fame whore now, and will follow the microphone and say what she is told to say.
Like a good bible belt beauty.

I really can't stand this 'symbol' of hate which is what she has morphed into.
WHAT a horrible example Carrie is for young girls to follow.
Crack the surface of her outer beauty and you have a hater.
Plain as the day is short.
Prejeans utter contempt for gay people is APPALLING and comes out of her mouth whenever it's open.
Everything she has said so far is laced with homophobia.

Also, the fact that Miss California has been caught lying about her 'past' is slowly eroding her good girl Christian platform.
Fake like her tits.
Although the news that Carrie Prejean's father is a homosexual is not shocking, it's sad her family has been dragged into this.
It's no wonder why this pin head pageant beauty hates the gays so much.
She should have said "Live and let live" instead of alienating herself from every faggot in America with her dumb answer.
So stupid.
Do not mess with the gays.

Liberal media has destroyed this air head in less than two weeks.
The world wants inclusiveness now, NOT exclusiveness!
Divisiveness is deadly and only promotes hate and discord.
Gay marriage is happening everywhere now. The tide has turned and we don't want people like Carrie Prejean taking attention away from what is a healthy evolution within society.
Gay marriage.
Like the first vote for woman in 1920.
The blacks in 1870.
Interracial marriage's were banned until 1967.
We're next!

Her semi nude pictures have surfaced and her California beauty crown is in big jeopardy because she told so many lies to cover it all up.
Even pothead Michael Phelps has dumped her.
I hope she is fired and her crown is snatched away from her.
Then maybe she will understand a bit better(post brain cell transplant), how so many others feel when they are excluded from something special because of this or that....

I've already said it.
You can't mess with the gays because they ARE the Liberal media and we ARE the pageant audience!
Miss California has lost many of her original supporters.
Because no one likes a puppet.
Although George Bush 2 was in power for eight years, so......
My theory could be wrong.
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