15 May 2009

Simply Yummy Blog

Gorgeous Jay Aquitania

Horrible swimwear... hahaha but I love the nipple extravaganza...

Oh man, I can't breath... hehehe so cute and crotchy...thank you Simply Manila

Dear Readers,

Above are seven reasons why I LOVE LOVE LOVE Simply Manila blog.
It's been on my Bent Culture link list(blog right) forever!
When I need to look at really cute Filipino guys, I go to Simply Manila Blog, or my Facebook which I am also totally addicted to.
I have HOT friends on my facebook. Hahaha.
The hottest!
Beautiful sexy gorgeous Filipinos.
I love Filipino men (and woman, but no bonking girls,hehehe) as a race because Filipinos don't really look Asian per se.
Filipinos are more islander looking to me, more exotic and softer and I've always loved island cultures all over the world.
Filipinos are not so hard edged or 'weird' like the other Asian countries like both of the Korea's and Japan. Let's face it, when the Japs travel to Boracay, you notice them.
And those newly wedded matchy matchy Korean couples on Boracay are STILL SEARED into my brain. They were real standouts!

Filipinos are the only 'Asian' race I'm attracted to.... on a mass scale.....
Although my Japanese sushi chef is absolute divinity on earth.....
I have some HOT Korean friends too...
Oh wait, I also know the hottest Chinese guy!
And when we were in Thailand......we went to Jupiter 3000.
HELLO Jupiter 3000!

Ok, I'm a 'new to the scene' rice queen.

But I HATE the term rice queen!
I was called that once on the blog and I was really offended.
Sorry, but I think the term rice queen is a derogatory label.
I'm more of a balut queen actually. Hahaha.
Not that I would EVER eat balut... much to my boyfriend's frustration and dismay!
I'm terrified of the beak!

DJ Montano was my first Asian boyfriend or partner PERIOD.
Yes, I had a really bad experience, but it did NOT deter me from snagging a Filipino boyfriend which I was VERY determined to do!
I wanted one.
And I got one.

And we're getting married soon.


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