28 May 2009

Hayden Protects Family

Dear Readers,

Who is Mikey Ablan?
Who is Dodie Puno?

WHY is Hayden Kho so terrified of them?

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Today's edition is fantastic and full of rumors and speculation like only the Philippines can conger up. Below is part of the entry and I've provided the link at the bottom for the rest.
Who is the drug dealer?
The Hayden Kho circus is only going to get crazier because now they want the name of the drug dealer who supplied him with the pills on the fateful night (
or fateful nights). DRUGS DRUGS DRUGS.

Two things that will identify this "dealer". First, he operates within showbiz circles and high society places and second, he's well connected in Philippine society. He's a "big name", says Kho and which was corroborated by Senator Madrigal. Now, let me tell you that there are three (3) names under the PDEA watchlist and this drug supplier of Kho is the member of the Asian drug triad. He gets his ecstacy pills straight from abroad through couriers that pass thru the VIP airport passage. He's not "old" as what Madrigal believes, but in his middle thirties. He's a son of a retired PNP general. He's the one who reportedly killed a former junior golf champ sometime late 2002 and continues to operate his illegal drug trade through his Pasig city residence. He operates through his circle of friends, and these people are the same ones which Richard Brodett and the infamous "Alabang Boys" used to deal with. Now, both Chua and this Rosario reportedly know this person, and has dealt with him several times before, according to sources from PDEA. He was the one who brought those sex tapes because of Katrina Halili, whom this person reportedly wanted to go to bed with. This drug dealer also used these tapes to extort money from Belo and Kho. There were reportedly "feelers" and "pressures" coming from this dealer, that he'll release the tapes if Belo or Kho refuses to give him money. Belo reportedly resisted and that's why the sex tapes leaked out.

Another hint---he's very close to a legislator who supports charter change moves and once dealt with the wife of this legislator. The wife of this legislator reportedly used drugs (ecstacy and shabu) before. The wife continues her illegal drug use since this day. She was reportedly a party-goer before and gets her drugs from bars. The legislator also uses drugs.

There's reason for Kho to feel threatened since this drug dealer is "malakas" and "well connected" in Filipino society. The backer of this dealer is a legislator who's afraid of being jailed after this administration.

Now, again, who is this big-time drug dealer?

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Hayden All Wet.. YUMMY!
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