07 June 2009

Larry's Eerie Predictions

You know there will be NO elections or erections come 2010 .......

by Larry Leviste-

1) because fresh from junketing at the Pacman's Powerhouse PUNCH Vegas Show, all of congress will diligently pass CHA CHA CHA at midnight like the Hobbit of Malacanang's

2) for second scenario is CON ASS by the ASSHOLES we call OUR Congressmen and Senators.

3) because before ever bowing down to the rule of law, GLORYA will be immediately arrested and thrown in jail after swearing in the PRESIDENT who will never be.

4) because her 2 ideas of perpetuating her dwarf republic is to be ELECTED as PRIME MINISTRESS or a TONGRESSWOMAN.

5) because the US will ALWAYS keep leaders in power who have held on long enough, why can't WE remember Marcos's deal with AMERICAN foreign policy. If GMA ( GREEDY MADAME AYOKO ) is backed by the US, it is so their corporate intrests of imperialism, BALIKATAN ( bases again in Mindanao daw ) and Coke, McDonald's and gasoline will remain stable.

6) because heart-stricken Mike Ayoko will never give up his being FIRST UNGENTLEMANLY ways of siphoning blood, sweat and tears from HIS nation, our country.

7) because likewise ERMITA, PUNO and the rest of the Nuno sa PUNSO's corrupt cabinet will NEVER allow it. The likes of them can't give up their yachts where orgies happen with the deviants on ECSTASY and cocaine.

8) because the TRI CORNED PLAN of the Ayokos are FIRST Con Ass Con Cha Cha.... SECOND No El or in law man's terms, BATAS mi Marcial or in their terms ( Emergency Rule ).... and THIRD, rigged elections with 100 HELLO GARCIS waiting in the wings, in fact if and ONLY if that happens the EVIL AYOKOS are set to FINANCE a KUNO Opposition Candidate.

9) because on his wedding night Mar will explain to Korina, " Forgive me honey, NO HARD feeling, ha ? "

10) because Kris Aquino might be VICES president of some presidentiable.

11) because with one check lang daw, Judy Araneta Roxas has cashed in all her billions to become the marred machinery of Mar.

12) because Bayani, Binay,the Governor of Pampanga, even Manny Backlash Pangilinan are feeling PRESIDENTIABLE. How and where do they actually get their FEELINGS. Oh, I forgot, these men believe thier own press releases. As far as I am concerned, their EGOS HAVE LANDED.

13) because they are instilling it will be mano y mano in VOTE COUNTING, automated will never be annondated.

14) because GLORIETTA is actually the ANTI-CHRIST. Di ba she always has sex-sex-sex with her underlings ( Nani, Manny, Many others including governors and mayors ) She is INSATIABLE, it seems.

15) because ERAP will be the candidate to beat, and that for me is no election or erections for me nor you next year.
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