17 June 2009

The Raul and Jamby Show

Jamby is going for Raul Manzano's jugular!

Soozyhopper or rather Raul Manzano

Senator Jamby to hang Soozyhopper by his tongue

Being the blight of her existence, Senator Jamby Madrigal is going to wage an all out war against Soozyhopper whom bloggers have unmasked as Raul Tuazon Manzano.

Comments from anonymous people in other blogs have described Raul Tuazon Manzano as "the biggest drug addict in Manila and also a pedophile, he puts ruffies in the drinks of his young male friends and when they wake up, they are naked in bed with him. Many of this young boys are sons of his friends."

The reason why Raul Tuazon Manzano was able to get so many lurid and juicy bits is that he had the help from one insider from the Gucci Gang. (WHO?)

Senator Jamby doesn't bury hatchets, unless it is in somebody's back and Raul better be aware because the good senator has the NPA's sparrow unit on her side.

Certainly, Joma Sison himself won't be averse to helping our good Senator with an order commanding his comrades in the field to spare one .45 caliber bullet.

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