17 June 2009

RNC Racism Rife

All the American Presidents with one exception.

Dear Readers,

This disturbing 'montage' was circulated around Washington yesterday causing problems for so many people especially the bloody idiots who created and sent it into cyberspace (from top end Republican offices on the hill) where it will remain forever.

The Republican Party is truly an enormous mess and this image proves it.
Racism sucks and the RNC is just jampacked with it.

Last week Michelle Obama was again vilified by Rusty DePass, a prominent American right wing mouthpiece. Gorillas had escaped from a zoo and the suggestion on his Facebook status comments was that the gorillas were probably just the First Lady's ancestors and most likely harmless.

Anyone who thinks just because Barrack Obama is in the White House, this type of racist vilification will stop are slightly misguided. Sure it's a huge step to have a black president, but there's still a vast number of people who'd love to see him lynched behind the barn.
Because deeply seated racism is in some American blood lines....... the real hate mongers with no actual power in Washington. This is the only power they have left. Hate.

They HATE the President.
The black man.
I can see the Republicans asking each other,"WHAT the fuck is HE doing in the White House?"
They're still blindsided from it all and unable to get a footing in this new era of Obama.
The Republicans messed everything up and they're simply terrified that Barack Obama is actually fixing things.

I think he can.
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