05 June 2009

Teens Blame Rihanna

How could they blame the victim?

Nearly half of teenagers believe Rihanna was responsible for the beating she allegedly took from Chris Brown.

A survey, taken of 200 Boston teenagers by the Bostom Public Health Commission, found the startling result after the alleged beating has caused such a stir among the pop star's teen fans.


This is so crazy and true but I had a feeling this would happen so I'm not at all surprised. Would you stay with someone after he/she hit you?

I was told by my friend in Chicago what happened between Rihanna and Chris Brown was..... a 'black thing' and they just got caught because it got so out of hand. Apparently they beat the shit out of each other all the time.

Sympathy for Rihanna is eroding daily as her lawyers manipulate the system which shows society quite clearly that if you have enough money, you can indeed control the outcome of your drama. I hope she co operates fully with the prosecutors and shows millions of young girls all over the world that you must prosecute any person who abuses you in this way. And let the court decide who was responsible.

This picture will make it hard for Chris Brown to ever fully recover.

And why should he if he did indeed inflict these injuries/bruises?

If a woman beats on a man, it's wrong.

When a man beats on a woman, it's wrong.

And two wrongs never make a right.

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