22 October 2009

I Am

Dear Readers,

Personally I believe Dzhun de Leon is a gifted talent who should be enjoyed by more people all over the world.

For myself, poetry is like some anti depressants in a bottle.
Most times poems alone can’t do all the heavy soul lifting, but poems can certainly supplement a chilly heart or a restless fidgety mind in our cyber confined prison like worlds.
Every ten poems are like a pill.

If you take anti depressants, then you should try reading positive uplifting poetry or any poetry for that matter.
I’m no doctor, but it does wonders for me, helping to keep me sharp and up to date with poets, artists and other creative people.

I’m keen to follow their own imaginations as they move through time over their own jagged rough terrains or even their gentle sweeping wild flower covered slopes. For myself, it’s escapism. For many writers I believe, it’s creative therapy. It’s a “win, win” if you want my opinion.

When I absorb poetry, one only has to focus and possess a true desire to extrapolate sensible tactile gifts from the word strings of others. Reading poems can be like chanting in a way whereas you must be totally devoted and unashamed to conjure up certain reactions and thoughts. I like to say I eat poems as opposed to reading them.
I truly devour them.
Poetry is like a religion to me and all religions are supposed to be interpreted differently by each person wanting to explore them.
I find poetry very comforting especially when you have found a poet (or your poet finds you) who supplies his readers with a new poem nearly every week.
Dzhun's writings had a huge impact on me from the start in that they showed me so much calmness combined with fortitude and an endless word passion landscape from his sharp positive thought provoking poems.

Human beings are so deep and emotional on many different levels just like words in a row can be. I see that Dzhun is able to channel the collective energy of humanity through his consistent artistic output and his personal triumphs and achievements.

Societies can impasse great knowledge onto their masses all the while manipulating our minds and causing much distress for all the sensitive souls.
To restore ones batteries from the constant barrage takes effort and reading poetry has been a big help to me.

I Am
by Dzhun de Leon

This is me...
I am the non-existent space between,
I can get through your filthy skin,
Creeping, crawling, slowly penetrating.

This is me...
Touch me and I wouldn't melt.
And for all the things you said you've never felt,
I'm the great insensitive that's what it means.

This is me...
The vanguard recipient of pain,
Find me crying, screaming in vain,
Somebody free me from my helpless reign.

This is me...
A ruptured glass in framed metal,
The thing that holds my pieces together,
Has nothing but support to offer.

This is me...
I would sugarcoat my better past,
Contend with it but doesn't last,
I am a sorrow-dwelling enthusiast.

I am...
The intriguing abstract of Picasso,
The unique brushstroke of Van Gogh,
The missing eyebrow of Leonardo.

I am...
The awkwardness after a sarcastic laugh,
The unfunny host for the evening,
The stupid joke that was left hanging.

I am...
The sweet revenge of an ardent killer,
The sounding silence of a guilty face,
A dirty deed without a trace.

I am...
Your hot temper in the scorching summer,
The frostbite courtesy of cruel winter,
The springs freshly-surfaced intruder.

Now keep your distance for I could be your fall,
Guised by chipping white paints I'm a dirty wall,
With proud red letters that quietly bawl,
"This is me! The sum of it all."
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